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  • Mercy Forsaken: A Meredeth Connelly Mind Hunt Thriller

    HE MASSACRES FAMILIES. SHE CAN'T REMEMBER HERS. FBI super-profiler Agent Meredeth Connelly begins her hunt for The .40 Caliber Killer. She collects evidence. He collects families. Her headaches become more unbearable with each crime scene, with each dead child. With two decades of experience, she knows serial killers. As the body count rises, it’s clear that this serial killer knows her. She doesn't remember him. He'll never forget her. As the investigation progresses, something awakens within her that hints at an answer.

  • Tongue Eater: Mage Errant Book 6

    Kanderon Crux has fallen. The traitors who brought the powerful sphinx down have fled with plagues and other magical weapons stolen from Skyhold's Vault, intending to use them against the Havath Dominion, no matter the cost to the rest of the Ithonian continent. Havath teeters on the edge of collapse after their failed invasion of Skyhold, and the nations and monsters of Ithos circle like vultures. The Dominion has no interest in going down without a fight, however, and there are few depths they're unwilling to sink to for survival.

  • Stranded With Pan (Stolen by Pan Trilogy Book 2)

    The moment Kit Starling let herself fall in love with Peter Pan, Neverland fell apart. Friends became enemies, their campsite was burned down, and an unlikely villain revealed herself. Now, Kit has managed to get herself and Peter stranded in the Enchanted Realm; the world where fairy tale characters live. They have no way of returning to Neverland, and now the island is in the hands of an unlikely villain and the Lost Boys are without a leader.

  • Red Running Deep: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Janey McCallister Mystery Book 4)

    Three murders. Three locked rooms. The race is on to find the killer before more red is spilled. On edge and desperately tired, Investigator Janey McCallister wants nothing more than to take bereavement leave to grieve a terrible personal loss. But when the high-end hotel-casino space station Bijoux de L’Étoile is struck by three locked-room murders, she must take the lead.

  • Biomancer 2 (New Era Online: Biomancer)

    Using his flesh-twisting powers, Seraph must push on to reach the ancient guardians. After nearly losing access, Seraph sets out again to conquer NEO and save his tormented sibling. Pushing deeper into the woodland, the Heart of The Forest is finally within reach, but the overpowered druidic guardians are merely the most obvious obstacle in his path. The line blurs between right and wrong, allies and enemies as the plot thickens, but Seraph will stop at nothing, readily accepting any who stand in his way as what they truly are - raw materials for the reaping...

  • Savannah Savior: A Meredeth Connelly Mind Hunt Thriller

    HE HUNTS WOMEN. SHE HUNTS HIM. FBI Agent Meredeth Connelly tracks The Savannah Strangler by day. At night, she mimics his prey. She has little to go on. He's crafty and smart - he dumps bodies in the Savannah River after stoning his victims to death. But he won't escape. She won't let him. She will do anything to make Savannah safe again. She will do anything to stop him.

  • Not Right Now (Time to Wake Book 2)

    Senlis is trying to kick up her feet and enjoy her freedom in this lifetime. Unfortunately, the confrontation with Jonah left her relationship with Vincent strained and has her memories seeping to the surface. As she fights to wake her powers, Senlis must now navigate through her past and come to terms with what it's teaching her about herself and her ties to both Jonah and Hunter. If that wasn't enough, Benny is being difficult about Hunter sticking around, and she's not about to give in to his tantrums. Trying to draw a truce between the two of them may prove to be an impossible challenge.

  • Devils Dance: A Supernatural Thriller (A Rational Man 3)

    Have you ever had the feeling that someone is pulling your strings, making you dance to their tune? Since the Smith case in Manhattan, Gavin Gregory, one of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit's best profilers, has had those feelings in spades. First it was Glacadairanam, the Wrath Child, who was the hidden hand manipulating his life, but in Miami, Gavin met the power behind the little gargoyle in the form of a creature calling himself Fry. But Fry is much more than a man with an East Texas drawl--as evidenced by his funny habit of turning up in Gavin's dreams. The last time Gavin dreamed of the insane creature, the experience almost killed him.

  • Gone Green: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Janey McCallister Mystery Book 3)

    L’Étoile’s lead investigator Janey McCallister faces her hardest case yet. On the eve of the hotel space station’s twentieth anniversary celebration, criminals rob the casino’s vault and kill one security guard. Janey teams up with Orlando Valdez, a sexy undercover cop for the Sol Unified Planets, to hunt down those responsible. Since the casino has only a day’s worth of cash on hand, she must solve the complex plot behind the robbery before the theft creates a mass panic and puts L’Étoile out of business—and before the killer strikes again.

  • Savage Dominion: A LitRPG Adventure

    Maulkin didn't know dying would mean a new eternity of dungeon delving, monster slaying, and glory hunting. If he had, he wouldn’t have been so worried about kicking the bucket on a date gone even more wrong than usual. Reborn in the wild world of Amaranth, Maulkin finds himself in a hulking demi-human body with a sword of a size to match. Marked as an Eternal, a fledging immortal of boundless potential, Maulkin soon discovers he’s been given a mission by the elder pantheon of this new realm.

  • Black Bags: A Supernatural Thriller (A Rational Man 2)

    Special Agent Gavin Gregory returns in this spine-chilling sequel to Wrath Child! The Bogeyman begins murdering young women in Miami, and Gavin Gregory, the elite FBI profiler who ended The Smith's reign of terror in Manhattan, catches the case. Try as he might, Agent Gregory can't wrap his rational mind around the crimes after he discovers each victim has mutilated herself before delivering the killing blow.

  • Biomancer (New Era Online: Biomancer Book 1)

    A battle-hardened, ex-special forces soldier, John was never a fan of games, unlike his brother. But now, he’s got to learn and learn fast if he has any chance of saving his younger sibling. Magic, monsters and levels are new to him, and his real-world skills aren’t as useful as he thinks. Lucky for him, he’s used to adapting on the fly. And soon, the world will know why his squadmates called him Seraph, the death angel.

  • The Siege of Skyhold: Mage Errant Book 5

    The Havath Dominion is marching to war. Humiliated in the ruins of Imperial Ithos, the Exile Splinter stolen from their grasp by the ancient sphinx Kanderon Crux, Havath's Duarchs have assembled an army that dwarfs the entire population of Skyhold. Led by their Great Powers, monsters and mages individually capable of leveling a city, they pose a threat that even Kanderon, one of the mightiest of Great Powers, and her equally monstrous allies might be unable to stop.

  • Stolen by Pan (Stolen by Pan Trilogy Book 1)

    "The Peter Pan standing in front of me does not have an inviting smile or a cute little fairy flying by his shoulder. He has not shown me an ounce of kindness, and definitely has not offered me to play a game of treasure hunt. He is not the innocently playful twelve-year-old boy I had imagined him to be. Instead, he is a teenager with a blood-stained dagger and a fire in his eyes that leads me to believe that everything the fairy tales told me about him was a lie."

  • Wrath Child: A Supernatural Thriller (A Rational Man 1)

    Gavin Gregory often stares into the abyss--that's his job. An elite profiler at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, he hunts serial killers for a living. He knows how they behave, how they think, what motivates them. Considered the best at what he does, Gavin goes to investigate when it appears a dormant psychopath has reactivated. The case takes a bizarre turn when psychiatrist, Debra Esteves, contacts him and says she knows who the enigmatic killer is.

  • The Wrack

    Plague has come to the continent of Teringia. Lothain, the birthplace of the Wrack, desperately tries to hold itself together as the plague burns across it and its neighbors circle like vultures. The Moonsworn healers would fight the Wrack, but must navigate distrust and violence from the peoples of Teringia. Proud Galicanta readies itself for war, as the Sunsworn Empire watches and waits for the Wrack to bring its rival low. And the Wrack advances, utterly unconcerned with the plans of men.

  • Lured By Light: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Janey McCallister Mystery Book 2)

    At Bijoux de L’Etoile, the high-end casino orbiting Earth, anything can happen. It’s a quiet day for L’Étoile lead investigator, Janey McCallister, until a young woman runs screaming past the blackjack tables. She looks like a victim of abuse, but when her boyfriend turns up dead the next day, she becomes the prime suspect. Determined to investigate every angle, Janey searches for clues and uncovers a world of high-priced escorts and human trafficking—a world just like the one that took the life of her best friend long ago.

  • The Lost City of Ithos: Mage Errant Book 4

    Half a millennium ago, the sphinx Kanderon Crux and her allies banished the city of Imperial Ithos from the world of Anastis, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Ithonian Empire. Her dread weapon, the Exile Splinter, even erased the memory of its location from the universe. Now it's returning, bringing the Exile Splinter back with it. The great powers of the continent are desperately hunting for the site of the lost city, knowledge lost even to Kanderon herself. None know what ancient Ithonian weapons and enchantments might still be found in the ruins, but even the Exile Splinter alone would be a prize justifying war.

  • Will It Be Back?: The Rise & Fall of Terminator

    In his second book, Dave Holcomb analyzes how The Terminator gave film audiences something it had never quite seen before in 1984. Holcomb explains how James Cameron’s masterpiece borrowed tropes from the action, sci-fi and horror genres to create a completely unique viewing experience. Holcomb also explores how the series exploded in popularity with its state-of-the-art sequel. However, each Terminator sequel since then has grown less unique and more convoluted. Holcomb details all the ways in which the 21st-century sequels have fallen flat and hypothesizes what went wrong for the series’ latest installment, Dark Fate, in 2019.

  • CLAW & WARDER (9 book series)

    Leery Oriscoe is just a conflicted New York cop who got hit by the Hassidic bus—only the bus was driven by a werewolf. There’s bound to be a little crazy under his black hat. His life just got ten times more complicated. His new half-vampire and half-succubus partner is smart, sexy as Hell, and keeping a big secret from everyone. Oh, and their lieutenant? She's the ghost of a Van Helsing.

  • Into The Black: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Janey McCallister Mystery Book 1)

    She wanted to make her mark. How hard could it be? In 2130, at Bijoux de L’Etoile, a high-end casino orbiting Earth, you can get anything you desire. Newly-hired as an investigator, Janey McCallister wants to solve her first big case—the theft of a priceless gem. When her case of theft escalates to murder and points to the seedy underbelly of world affairs, Janey has to rely on her new team and trust the mysterious insurance investigator, Orlando Valdez—before a killer escapes into the black.

  • Earth Force 2 (Relict Legacy)

    Having dealt with the immediate threat of the mutated Warped, Earth Force and Unity are preparing to leave Earth’s Solar system. Their destination is the alien space station known as Hammerhead, a nexus for space miners venturing into the nearby asteroid field. Led by their captain, Nori, they will have to navigate their way through many aliens and cultures. They’ll forge new friendships and acquire resources and alien technologies in order to help the survivors back home.

  • Gourmand In Tokyo

    "Gourmand in Tokyo" is the fruit of a sudden passion for Japanese gastronomy. After many years devoted to France and its pleasures, Avital Inbar went to Japan on a culinary adventure, setting an Olympic record: 50 restaurants in 25 days, from the peak to the base, and 20 different types of cuisine. He relished the best of Uni, Ikura, Unagi, and Wagyu in the world, and he did not experience even one single "flop". A level of perfection you can only get in Japan, which neither exists nor is possible in any other major city in the world, including Paris.

  • A Traitor in Skyhold: Mage Errant Book 3

    Hugh and his friends have, to his great displeasure, become the center of attention among the student body at Skyhold. It turns out that surviving the depths of the labyrinth and helping stop a coup both tend to attract notice. If Hugh had his way, he'd happily go back to being just another anonymous student. He has more than enough to deal with already as he starts his second year, between his crushing load of schoolwork, training as a prospective candidate to the Librarians Errant, and navigating a long-distance relationship.